Frequently Asked Questions

What is Process Coaching?

Process Coaching is a quick and easy way for clients and self-practitioners to get unstuck, achieve deep emotional healing and manifest more of what they truly want in life. This work uniquely blends tools and understandings from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Psychic Awareness, Shamanic wisdom, Right Use of Will, the Intuitive Arts and Somatic Awareness. Process Coaching has an unprecedentedly strong focus on honoring feelings and taking full responsibility for one's own psychological/emotional process.

What is unique about Process Coaching compared to the many methods that are available?

What makes Process Coaching truly unique is its attitude towards feelings. In the past our conditioning has been to control our emotions with the mind in an effort to 'help' our feeling parts learn better ways of behaving. In this work, we honor that our emotions already know what they need for their own healing.

The mind's role now is to listen to and learn from the feelings. Mind asks the pain, "What can I do to help?" and then places itself in service to the wisdom of the unconscious, intuitive self by lovingly supporting the feeling. This new approach of consciousness (mind) in the service of sentience (feelings) revolutionizes what is possible in both ease and depth of healing.

This interaction between mind and feelings happens through our experience in body. In order to bring loving mind to the rich world of sentience (feelings), Process Coaching focuses on the feeling sensations experienced in the body. Body holds the truth of what has been going on in the deepest realms of our being. When mind learns how to become conscious of and lovingly attend to the feelings and sensations in body, deep healing is possible.

Another unique aspect of Process Coaching is its approach to responsibility. In many practices it is customary to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. In Process Coaching we go one step further. In this work we take responsibility for all that we experience. The work of a client or self-practitioner is to reshape our conditioned attitudes about our experiences so we may evolve more quickly and easily into who we truly are. When we see our difficulties and challenges through the lens of healing and learning opportunities, it is much easier to accept our experience and thus accept and love our whole self.

How does Process Coaching differ from psychotherapy?

The term 'coaching' is used here because this work is not like therapy or other modalities in the sense that someone else does something to heal you. Process Coaching clients and self-practitioners learn tools they can use themselves, on themselves, to become their own practitioner. The coach supports and assists the client in learning those tools.

How does Process Coaching compare to other body (somatic)-oriented modalities?

What is unique about Process Coaching is that it teaches you how to develop the loving awareness that can effectively respond to what is being experienced in body. This fostering of loving consciousness in the service of sentience supports the quickest, easiest and least painful healing, and mind finds its right place in relating to the realm of feelings.

How can I know if Process Coaching is right for me?

Process Coaching works for anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their own healing and get more out of life. Specifically it helps those who want to:


● Get unstuck from what has been holding you back.
● Learn practical tools to bring healing to previously painful parts of yourself.
● Manifest the love you truly desire for yourself and others.
● Have deeper and more fulfilling relationships.
● Get out of addictive behaviors such as drinking, smoking, drug abuse, or food addictions.
● Become a more effective, loving and guilt-free parent.
● Experience more joy and satisfaction in your life.
● Find and fully express the uniqueness of your individual purpose and path.

What does it mean to be my own practitioner?

Whether you choose to be a Process Coaching client , or self-practitioner, you will gain the skills to become your own therapist, your own healing practitioner. Once learned and integrated, the tools and perspectives of Process Coaching become a unique intuitive expression of the individual, allowing transformation and manifestation to unfold.

How do I learn to be my own practitioner?

Process Coaching supports the individual in proceeding in the way that works best for them. Several options are available. Individual and couples sessions are available for private coaching. Classes are also available in some locations. The Process Coaching Practitioner Manual is an invaluable asset for self-study as is the distance learning Practitioner Course that includes telephone tutorial and coaching support.

Can I benefit from Process Coaching if I'm also involved in therapy or other healing work?

Yes. Process Coaching will enhance the effectiveness of any therapy or other healing work.

Why would I want individual Process Coaching sessions if I can do the Practitioner Course and become my own self-practitioner instead?

Individual Process Coaching sessions and the Practitioner Course are complementary to each other and both teach you how to become your own self-practitioner. Process Coaching sessions allow you to go deeply into your own process while being guided by someone with experience. During these sessions you will learn the tools and frames for being your own practitioner. The Practitioner Course is another way of learning to be your own self-practitioner. Taking this course is like attending a class where a group is learning and applying the tools in their lives.

How do I choose a Process Coach?

A Process Coach is someone you can trust to be fully yourself with, and all coaches are trained to be highly effective in their work with clients. You can read through the bios of the certified Process Coaches and let your intuition guide you in choosing. You can then call or email the coach for a free introductory telephone session to find out if this is what you are looking for, and if you resonate with that particular coach.

What is a typical Process Coaching session like?

Sessions can be in person or via telephone. In-person sessions are typically 90 minutes and phone sessions 60-90 minutes. The coach helps you clarify what you want in your life and helps you learn the frames and tools that will enable you to get unstuck from any block to manifestin your desires. As you learn the tools, the coach gives you feedback and suggestions that help you tailor them to your own process. Free telephone check-ins a few days after the session are also a vital part of this work. Since what's most important is to incorporate into your life what you've learned during sessions, the check-ins greatly enhance the learning process.

What support is available if I choose to do it myself, without a coach?

The Process Coaching Practitioner Manual and the complete Process Coaching Practitioner Course are easy ways for self-practitioners to learn the tools and frames and use them on yourself.

How do I become a Process Coach?

There are three steps to becoming a certified Process Coach, completion of the Practitioner Course, the Coaches Course, and a supervised practicum working with clients. Here are the details.

Is there Process Coaching for Couples?

Yes. Process Coaching is surprisingly effective in healing relationship issues. The Process Coach helps each partner get out of guilt and blame patterns and lovingly take responsibility for their own experiences in the relationship. Together the partners learn new patterns of relating that free them from the dynamic they have been stuck in. This work effectively addresses communication difficulties, power struggles, sexual dissatisfaction and virtually any issue experienced by a couple. It is multifaceted because it works directly to bring healing to the feelings that have been at the root of the difficulties.

What is so special about feelings?

While both thoughts and feeling greatly influence the way we experience our reality, feelings can bring us more quickly and deeply into a direct experience of our true self. Although Process Coaching works at the cognitive level in changing thought patterns, the crux of the work rests in learning to feel into aspects of our Being that have been previously walled off from us. By gaining this new access to feeling, and experiencing ourselves in ways we never believed were possible, the fulfillment of our deepest desires opens to us.

What is the difference between Process Coaching and Healing to Wholeness?

Process Coaching provides the tools and understandings to achieve deep emotional healing, while manifesting more of what you truly want in life. You learn to become your own self-practitioner, your own Healer. Process Coaching is the foundation of what we call the 'Journey of Healing to Wholeness.' For those who want to go to even deeper layers of their Being and heal in the transpersonal layers of process, we offer the Healing to Wholeness work.