Adam Bulbulia

Adam BulbuliaAdam is a gifted practitioner and teacher of the tools of Process Coaching. His desire is to help guide each client and student toward the quickest and most effective way of becoming wholly themselves.

"To me this healing work is about finding all the parts of ourselves that have been lost and bringing them back to us in loving wholeness. The more we reclaim these lost parts the more loving and whole we become. It is an unusually quick and easy way out of denial and into true love."

Adam sees coaching clients, teaches Process Coaching classes, and facilitates Constellation Workshops in Ukiah, Sebastopol and Fort Bragg, CA.

Adam Bulbulia ~ Certified Process Coach
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What people are saying about Adam Bulbulia:

Susan Bowman, MA, Healdsburg, CA
"Since I have met Adam, my life has profoundly shifted. He truly embodies feeling all of life's treasures and traumas. Although I believed that I was already on a journey to evolve, having his guidance has helped me explore depths of being beyond what I felt was possible. By bringing light to my unconscious patterns, I am able to live more fully and heal deeper realms of my being. Adam has wisdom and insights beyond his years. I feel very blessed to know him."

Jennifer Ross, Clothing Designer, Willits, CA
"Adam has really helped me perceive my past behaviors and ways of thinking in a whole new light. He encouraged me to learn that by bathing my wounds in love, I can heal myself. Through this work, I have expanded my courage, my self-honesty, and most of all my heart. As a result of his coaching with me, I now feel free flowing, content, less guilt ridden, and refreshed like a child again."

Mark Panely, Businessman, Santa Rosa, CA
"Adam has helped me to open new doors of possibility. His combination of wisdom & nut-case ingenuity has led me to believe that I might actually heal myself and experience life's wonders. That I might find the courage to be sad and somehow treasure the sentience. Things that were not there before have opened through my work with Adam. He and that little god forsaken manual have a great deal of power to motivate self healing."

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