Anchoring Resources

An anchor is any stimulus that generates a predictable response. In this exercise you'll access a resourceful state and set visual, auditory and sensate anchors so you can easily return to the state. Later you'll be able to ‘fire’ one or more of the anchors and recreate the experience of inner resourcefulness. This will enable you as the Healer to be more resourceful and loving with difficult feelings.

You can use the steps below to guide yourself through this experience. First, read through all the steps. When you start again, read a paragraph, and then put your finger on the area of the page where you stop reading. Close your eyes and focus inside to do what is suggested in the paragraph. When you're finished, you can open your eyes again, read the next paragraph, and so on through the exercise.

1.  Remember a time in the recent past, or the distant past, where you did something that you knew was difficult and yet you did it anyway, a time when you were successful. If more than one experience like this comes to mind, choose the one where you were the most resourceful, or where you were helping someone, and even though it was difficult, you did it anyway.

2.  Now remember the best moment of this experience, when you are feeling the strongest, and go into that moment now. Be in this moment, in your body just as you were back then. You are looking out through your own eyes and seeing what you saw then.

3.  Hear the sounds of this time... voices, perhaps... maybe your own voice...

4.  And feel the feelings. Feeling strong and successful. These are good feelings, and it’s okay to breathe in even more of them. Feeling confident and competent... feeling capable... feeling that you can do what you want to do... feeling resourceful... strong... and successful.

5.  Breathe in the feelings of this time and notice where in your body you are feeling them. Where do these feelings center in your body? Notice what sensations you experience in your body as you feel these feelings of resourcefulness.

6.  As you relive this experience as if you were there again, inside your own body, you can feel the good feelings even more now, if you like. And at the peak of feeling these resourceful feelings, press together the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand, making the ‘okay’ sign. Gently squeeze the resourceful feelings into your thumb and forefinger. Then let go of your thumb and forefinger when the feelings begin to subside.

You have now anchored a positive, resourceful state. You can reenter this state whenever you wish. Simply squeeze your thumb and finger together while remembering that scene and what it was like being in your body there, and again feel these feelings of resourcefulness and their sensations in your body.