Working in the Transpersonal Realm Articles

Working in the Transpersonal Realm

In the iceberg metaphor we mentioned that deep below the water line, the base of the iceberg of each personal unconscious connects with all others in the transpersonal realm. The first layer of the transpersonal is where all humans connect, and is called... more

Past Life Exploration

The deeper Beings that we as humans represent here in manifestation have had long and illustrious careers in the evolution of the Universe. The phenomenon of ‘past-lives’ is one way of understanding the complexity of our deeper Being. It’s as if each of us is the current representative of a vast Being that has incarnated many times. more...

Regression to the Transpersonal Realm

This process enables you to follow the chain of reenactments of an original trauma all the way back to its inception at the original cause of the imprint. Before beginning, get in touch with 'the Folks' as outlined here. 1. Experience a feeling that is... more