Practitioner Skills

As a Process Coaching practitioner you will learn to:

• Become resourceful as your own Healer.
• Maintain a daily practice of Being Body, Running Energy and Connecting with the Folks.
• Have a solid understanding of the Fundamental Principles (pages 16 – 22 in the Practitioner Manual) and frames of Process Coaching: the Healer, Consciousness in the Service of Sentience, the Healer’s Faith, the Iceberg Metaphor, Imprints & Triggers, Scale of Self Love, Blended States Scale, ‘The Movies’ Metaphor, The Three Movements of Healing, & The Four Stages of Learning.
• Notice when you are identified with the mind and its conditioning, and come back to feeling and intuition.
• Leave 'story' at will, and locate the energy of triggered feelings in Body.

• Use the following practices as called for: Judgment Release, Loving Life Force Energy, Deep Denial Release, Perceptual Positions, Observer/Field Position, Who Am I Now?, Untangling Enmeshment, Deep Practice, Regression, Parts Work, Wounded Healer, Being Body, Running Energy, Inner Dialogue, Driving Backwards, Inner Field Constellation, Healing Desire, & Expressing! Practice.

• Get out of imprints at will (no matter how long it takes), become self-parental and bring love to the energy that’s been triggered.

• Evolve into being more of who you really are through life's opportunities (triggers).

• Lead yourself through The Three Movements of Healing.

• Practice daily doing what you want and only what you want in the moment.

• Have an understanding and some experience with healing in the transpersonal realm.

• Begin manifesting the life you truly desire.
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