How to Become a Certified Process Coach

There are three proficiencies necessary to completing the Coaches Certification Training. Your studies and practices can be done in whatever time frame you wish, as long as you meet these proficiencies:

The Three Proficiencies

1. Unconscious Competence as your own practitioner/Healer.

2. Conscious competence in using the meta-tools of Hypnosis, NLP and Clairsentient Awareness for deeper communication and successful completion of a Coaches Training.

3. Conscious competence in teaching and coaching others to use the tools of Process Coaching for healing themselves on their own. The first two proficiencies can develop in whatever order and time frame feels right for you, the coach trainee. However, they must be achieved before beginning the coach practicum (supervision) stage.

Being your Own Practitioner/Healer

Completing the Practitioner Distance Learning Course will give you the tools to be fully resourceful and unconsciously competent as your own practicing Healer.

Learning the Coaching Skills

You will complete the Coaches Distance Learning Course, using the Coaches Manual, CDs, mp3 recordings and working with at least one coach trainer. When you have demonstrated competence as your own Healer and have successfully completed the Coaches Training, and both you and your coach trainer feel that you are ready, you can begin the Coaching Practicum.

Supervised Coaching Practicum

In this stage of the training you will see clients who have not yet experienced Process Coaching (friends and family are okay) and complete a feedback form and consult with the coach trainer after each session about what happened during it. You will see a minimum of four different practice clients who are new to Process Coaching and complete at least eight full coaching sessions with consultations after each session for debriefing and coaching pointers. You will also have one coaching session of your own (with your choice of one of the coach trainers) for every two practicum sessions you complete.

The supervision stage is complete when both you and the trainers feel that you are at least consciously competent in: 1) Using the meta coaching skills and 2) Successfully teaching the basic practitioner frames and tools of Process Coaching, and coaching your clients in how to use the frames and tools in their self-healing process.

Continuing Education

Annual Process Coaching events and monthly telephone conference calls are available for your continuing education as a certified Process Coach.

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