'Being Body' Practice

This practice underscores the power of 'flexible identity,' one of the most important principles of wholeness work. In this practice we are shifting the 'I am' from the accustomed identification with mind or inner spirit to identification with Body.

The term 'body' in metaphysics means much more than just the physical body. 'Body' has been used to mean 'container,' and included various 'subtle bodies' that parallel the physical body at deeper layers of reality. These subtle bodies are perceived by inner senses and cannot be seen with the eye, we must feel their energies to know or understand them.

The subtle bodies were considered much more important than the physical body and included the emotional body, mental body, spirit body, and the all-encompassing 'etheric body.' The ancients taught that the etheric body is the 'blue print' or 'matrix' for the physical body and serves as the medium or bridge through which all the other bodies connect and communicate with each other.

The etheric body is also known as the connecting link with all of manifestation; through the etheric body we can sense the energy of anyone or anything. In Process Coaching we work with the energy of the etheric body. The Running Energy Practice is an easy way to become familiar with Body's energy.

Shifting my identity from being someone who has a body to actually being Body can be a profound movement toward realizing my identity as the whole Being I truly am. The secret of making this shift to Body identity is to have our accustomed conscious awareness (mind) help us embrace our less-familiar sentient awareness, the awareness of feeling. The healing power of 'consciousness in the service of sentience' is another important principle of wholeness work.

We can most easily and effortlessly embody wholeness when we place our point of view in the first chakra, and anchor ourselves there, affirming our deepest identity as Body. Body identity is the easiest and most powerful way to experience ourselves as Healer, the identity that is capable of healing to wholeness.

Positioned in the root chakra you can realize and embody complete wholeness. All physical and non-physical realities, inner and outer perceptions find their right place in Body. In the transpersonal layers of reality, harmony and collaboration among all of the parts of Deity within—Spirit, Will, Heart, and Body—happen easily when we as Body are holding the space for (containing) and embodying everything we perceive.

Here are the steps to experience being Body:

1. Begin by sitting comfortably in an upright position with your feet on the ground. Now curl your toes and squeeze them tightly for a few moments.

2. Relax your toes and drop into the feeling of relaxation, and begin drawing the relaxation up your legs, up your calves and shins to your knees, under your knees and up your thighs to your hips and buttocks.

3. Squeeze the muscles in your buttocks and the perineal muscles (sphincter and/or PC muscle). Hold them tight for a moment or two. Pause, and as you relax and let go, drop into the first chakra, all the way down to your toes.

4. Notice the sensations of the energy here in the first chakra. (They may be very subtle or quite obvious.) Either way, notice if this energy is more tight or loose. Is it warm or cool? Hard or soft? Sharp or dull? Is the energy still or is it moving?

5. Breathe some space into the first chakra to make more room for the sensations. If it feels right, move as Body wants to move, and allow any sounds you feel moved to express.

6. Now drop down and come fully into the first chakra. Feel yourself both surrounded by the energy and surrounding it, here in the first chakra.

7. As you continue feeling the first chakra energy and sensations, you can open to them and more firmly identify yourself as Body by speaking from the first chakra energy—to yourself or out loud, say any of the following statements that feel right to you (or anything else that resonates with the energy you are feeling in the first chakra.)

I am Body. (Pause and feel the energy of your first chakra surrounding you.)

I am Body, and I am feeling. (Pause to feel the energy of your first chakra.)

I am Body, and I have a mind. And I can use it if I want.

I am Body; I am connected to all that is. (Pause to feel your first chakra connecting.)

I am Body, and I hold all that I experience. (Pause and feel yourself expanding.)

I am Body; I am whole. (Pause.)

I am Body.

8. You are now feeling the energy of your first chakra and identifying as Body. Allow your identity (the ‘I am’) to continue residing here, and notice how you feel as Body. Make any sounds or movements that feel right to you as Body. Love yourself as Body, the holder of the experience you are having right now.

9. From your presence in the first chakra notice if there is another chakra that wants your attention. If so, from the first chakra bring your loving attention to that place in you, feel the energy there, breathe some space around it, and open to this energy as well. “I am Body. I hold all of what I experience.”

10. Catch yourself when your identity slips back into mind. In the loving classroom, observe that you have temporarily defaulted to the old, conditioned identity as the main character in the story of you. (An easy way to check your identity is to notice when you say, “My body…” or “The body…” or even, “Body is…” This language reveals identity other than Body. When I am truly being Body, it’s as if my name is ‘Body.’)

11. Repeat the above steps whenever you wish to experience being more of your true, whole Self.

For best results, practice shifting your attention and identity into Body often. Repeatedly affirming your identity as Body will gradually erase the old conditioning of automatically retreating to your accustomed mind-made identity when challenged, and replace that conditioning with the new habit of being Body—where you can easily and lovingly hold space for all that you experience.