Clairsentience: New Information Through Feeling

One of the most important skills in Process Coaching is being able to feel subtle energy in ourselves and others. Through fine-tuned feeling we can gain access to the vast information resource of clairsentient awareness. Using the psychic faculty called clairsentience (clear feeling) enables us to read energy in ourselves and others, and it's surprisingly easy to learn.

The energy body, a subject of study in ancient metaphysical mystery schools, is now being taught in modern psychic schools and here as well, as an integral part of the Process Coaching Coaches Training. According to ancient lore, the energy body is one of several 'subtle' bodies belonging to humans. The physical body was known as the gross body in the various metaphysical classification systems. The subtle bodies include the emotional body, mental body and spirit body along with the etheric body. In this work we call the etheric body simply the energy body.

The energy body is the easiest place to appreciate the interplay between conscious awareness and sentient awareness. When we can consciously feel into the subtle energy in our bodies we can begin learning what sentient energy has to teach us. The experience of what is commonly called intuition is a good example of this connection between consciousness and sentience as a conduit of information from feelings to mind.

Each energy center or chakra in the body (and the places between) can also yield valuable information that has been waiting for us in the virtually untapped world of sentient awareness. It's through working with the energy body that we can gain access to the deepest wisdom in Creation. The human energy body has its roots in the Universal Feminine, and of course the deeper our intuition goes, the more universal the information becomes.

Clairsentience for Coaches

There are two important reasons for a Process Coach to read a client's energy and feelings. The first is that under the iceberg the client feels 'met' or 'received.' This sense of acknowledgment, although often unconscious in the client, can feel even better than the sense of being 'seen' or 'heard.' (Being 'felt' like this is what our wounded parts crave from ourselves as the loving, parental Healer, and what the wounded parts of the Universal Feminine have been needing from Spirit, the Universal Masculine.)

The second, and perhaps more obvious advantage to being able to read feeling energy is to keep you informed about what's going on in the client, so that you can track their experience as they move through their process. It's only possible to truly follow another when we can feel what they are feeling.

The art of clairsentience has been around for a long time, but only very recently has it been easy to learn without already being a natural empath. Clairsentience is one of the three fundamental modalities of psychic awareness. Each modality of inner awareness parallels an outer sense.

Clairvoyance is the psychic sense of inner seeing, the visual sense. Shapes, colors, symbols and pictures, even moving pictures are part of the clairvoyant experience.

Clairaudience is the psychic sense of inner hearing, the auditory sense. Inner sounds, voices and words are the substance of clairaudience.

Clairsentience is the psychic sense of inner feeling, the kinesthetic sense. Others' emotions, feelings, body sensations and psychic energy in general can be experienced internally. In order to clearly understand the clairsentient experience of another's energy, it's important to first feel into your own energy so you'll be able to tell the difference between your energy field and the feelings of the client.

Getting Clear

The first step in preparing for clairsentient work is to feel into your own energy, so you'll be able to discern the energetic difference between you and the other person. The running energy practice is what psychics use to attune themselves to their own energy and it's an excellent way to calibrate your energy and feelings independent of the other person.

The next step is to notice if you have any images, symbols or ideas about what the other person may be experiencing. If so, gently place to the side those clairvoyant perceptions. Then notice if you are getting any auditory information (usually in the form of an inner voice) about the person, their feelings, or their circumstances. If so, gently place to the side those clairaudient perceptions.

As you 'read' the person's psychic and emotional energy continue to put aside any non-sentient perceptions/projections. Whenever a question arises about whether you are feeling the other person or yourself, go into the observer position and then come back to Self position to experience your own energy as you anchored it in the running energy practice. Once you know your own energy, return to the associated observer position of field awareness and then into second position with the other. In this way it's quite easy to distinguish the other person's energy and feelings.

Clairsentient Reading

As mentioned above, practicing moving among the perceptual positions and doing the perceptual positions exercise can be very helpful in learning how to feel what another is experiencing energetically, both physically and emotionally. By going into second position with the person, you can sense their energy and emotional presence in the moment.

The upper part of your second chakra can then function much like the sixth chakra in receiving 'impressions' from another person when you are consciously aware of this faculty in your upper second chakra. However, instead of getting pictures, symbols or colors related to the person and their issues, the second chakra intuitive center registers their feelings, sensations and emotional energy.


To begin clairsentient reading, move into Observer position from Self position where you have already calibrated your own energy. Here in Observer you can notice any clairvoyant (sixth chakra) impressions, and then put them aside. As mentioned, it's important to continue doing this throughout the clairsentient reading because dwelling on sixth chakra information can too easily bring you out of feelings and sensations and up into the visual sense in the mental realm where perceiving can become merely thinking and projecting.

Next, move into Other position to be with the person in what they're feeling. Adjust your posture, voice and other behaviors to pace the person as much as possible, and stay focused in your second chakra while most of your attention remains centered on the client and their sensate experiences of energy, feelings and emotions.

As you 'read' the client's energy, you will find yourself naturally moving between associated Observer or Field position and second position. If you need to calibrate with your own energy, be sure to pass through Observer when moving from Self and Other and vice versa so that you remain clear about whose energy and feelings are whose.

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