Constellation Process

The schedule of Constellation Process group workshops can be found here.

Constellation Process is a synthesis of the Family Constellation Work of German psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger—and the healing tools and perspectives of Process Coaching. Through this process we explore the patterns and blocks in our lives so we can make evolutionary changes. Family Constellations, also referred to as Systemic Constellations, bring the awareness of the ‘field,’ and the importance of the bonding patterns within the family field.
Constellation Process
Have you ever walked into a room where people were having difficulties with each other and felt the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife? Or have you ever noticed the excitement ‘in the air’ when a group of friends or family have gathered to celebrate? Or perhaps you’ve felt the sense of peace and togetherness in a gathering of people meditating, praying, or working well together? If so, you were noticing the subtly vibrating energy of the field. This is the essence of what we work with in Constellation Process. 

With the Process Coaching tools we discover the greater field of our soul’s purpose and intention for evolving, bringing all the previously separate parts of ourselves back into wholeness. This work is effective for individuals, couples and even organizations wishing to explore the deeper emotional and energetic ties affecting their lives.

The Field

As in the examples above we can notice the presence of the field in every communication. Being aware of the subtle energy increases the possibilities and potential richness in every life experience.

The first field we experience is the field of our mother, and then the rest of our family of origin. As young children we emulate and model the individuals in this field. The patterns, habits and behaviors of the members of our immediate family inform and shape our perceptions of ourselves and of the world around us.

The experiences of those in previous generations also has a powerfully influence on those alive now.  Although these experiences are often forgotten, whether as a family secret or as some difficult event that the family has wanted to move past, they still influence the greater field of the family and its members. The subtle energies of the family field are extremely impactful, and yet seldom noticed.

Family Constellations

Family Constellation help bring awareness and resolution to personal issues that have a basis in family dynamics. After consulting with the client about the issue, in a workshop space we create a living model of the family field by placing representatives of various family members and other forces that have been present in the field of the client’s issue. Other group members are chosen to represent the client’s family members and intuitively placed in the room in relation to each other.

When the representatives fully occupy the positions of the family members and others, they tune into the energy, attitudes and characteristics of those they are representing. The constellation of all of the family members represented naturally reveals the energies and dynamics in the field. With this new awareness it’s then possible to access and change the unconscious energetic forces that have been influencing our thoughts, behaviors, emotions and life experiences.

We work with the ‘field’ of the family soul as it is held by the client, allowing what has been hidden inside of the client to be seen and felt in the outer constellation. This approach fosters resolution of previously unconscious feelings, and can affect not only the client but also other members of the family system. Anyone doing the healing work does so for the others in their family field as well, and this extends to the larger field of humanity. We are all connected in this way.

Aligning with Our Whole Being

Constellation Process enables us to find resolution of difficult personal and interpersonal issues in harmony with the greater forces working at the deepest layers of our whole Being. Once the patterns underlying these issues are brought to light we can align ourselves with the deeper movements of our Being and open doorways to far greater freedom and potential. The result is a deeper attunement with the forces of your life, the forces of your Soul, and your whole Being.

Constellation Process can help heal:

•    Unresolved traumas
•    Unexplained anxiety or depression
•    Physical disease and health issues
•    Relationship difficulties
•    Unresolved inherited patterns from your family of origin
•    Unhealthy life patterns which continue to repeat themselves
•    Unresolved grief and loss
•    Lack of purpose, direction or connection
•    Issues with children, adoption, abortion and blended families
•    Professional dissatisfaction or struggle
•    Organizational challenges

Coping strategies have allowed us to survive up to now. However, part of their function has been to keep us from having to feel our traumatized parts and feelings. Now in order to make changes in our lives, a willingness to become bigger than the coping behaviors and attitudes is essential so that we can experience something new. In Constellation Process we work with parts of self, especially unconscious feeling parts that have been in the shadow because the resources necessary for resolution haven’t been available, either on the inside or the outside.

Healing happens when the coping parts of self temporarily step aside so that the traumatized parts can be lovingly seen and felt, and gently welcomed back into wholeness. The Self that can do this integration we call ‘the Healer.’ This is you, the most loving and evolved you who is able to hold loving space for all of your parts, especially the ones who have experienced trauma and denial.

It is from our Being that we have drawn our life experiences, for the purpose of evolving into who we truly are, the whole Self. From this perspective, we honor the past as it has lived inside of us, and look for ways to integrate the learning as gifts that these experiences have to offer.


A Constellation Process is an exploration upon which we embark together. You are the one in charge of your constellation. The facilitators/coaches are here in service to you and your process. Let us know what feels right, what resonates and doesn’t resonate. You are your own authority; you are the Healer.

Applications of Constellation Process

1.  Group Constellation: these are scheduled workshops that occur within the context of a group and facilitator. One person (the ‘client’) who has previously indicated they want to work on an issue, sits next to the facilitator. Using the tools of Process Coaching, the facilitator helps the client feel into the imprint(s) central to their issue, and what they are wanting from the constellation. Next the client chooses individuals in the group to represent the people (or parts of self) in the constellation that are central to resolving the presenting imprint (or trauma). The client then intuitively places them in the room where it feels right.

Those acting as representatives in the constellation of another find themselves having the thoughts and feelings of the person or part of self they are representing, without previous knowledge. As the representatives in the constellation move and speak in relation to each other, our focus is on gaining insight into what has been happening unconsciously in the situation that is being explored. From this evolving field comes the information needed for understanding the forces at play and resolving the issue.

Being a representative can evoke deep movements within, as there is serendipity in being chosen to represent that particular person or part of self. We open ourselves deeply while being in service to another’s process, finding the universality in our experiences.

These constellations are in person, and you may attend as a client setting up your own constellation, and/or as an observer who is available to be chosen as a representative in someone else’s constellation.

2.  Individual Constellations: the client and the coach work together using placeholders to mark who or what is being represented in the constellation. These constellations can be done in person or by telephone.

3.  Inner Field Constellations: the field is held in the imagination of the person doing the constellation. They represent in the field of their imagination those people, parts of self, transpersonal parts of Self, and/or qualities of self that are essential in the constellation. The person experiences their constellation both from the point of view of observer and from the point of view (associated, with feelings) of each representative in the constellation. This may be assisted by a Process Coach, or with experience, can be done on one’s own. Working with a coach can be either in person or by telephone.

4.  Organizational Constellations: These constellations are for groups, communities or any kind of organization or business. In these constellations, we work with the dynamics that live in the field of the organization. These constellations can be done with one member of the organization, several members, or the entire organization or group.