A Daily Practice

Cultivating a daily practice is a powerful and effective way to strengthen yourself as the Healer. Daily life can go more smoothly and healing can happen more easily when we make it a habit to set aside five or ten minutes every day to connect with what is going on inside of us. And of course to truly practice self-healing we want to—practice. Here are some tips for making your practice easy and effective:

1. Make a commitment to yourself to create a new habit; decide that as the Healer, this is what you want to do.

2. Keep it short. A shorter daily practice is easier is to follow through on and maintain. If you keep it short at first, you can always add more once you are consistently practicing.

3. Practice at a similar time each day, the earlier the better. Committing to a similar time each day, first thing in the morning, after breakfast (or any other time that works for you) increases the likelihood that you will follow through.

4. Practice with another, when possible. Doing a daily practice with your spouse, partner or a friend can help you both remember and follow through more easily, as well as deepen your connection with this person.

Process Coaching practices can be added to an already existing daily practice like yoga, prayer, meditation, journal writing, physical therapy, stretching, etc. If you are already doing a physical practice daily, add the PC practices after what you've been doing. If you practice meditation daily, you will likely find it easier to meditate after grounding and centering your energy with the Process Coaching practices.

Here's an example of a short daily Process Coaching practice you can begin with and add to as feels right (or you can add to another daily practice you're already doing):

1. Choose a time that will work well for five to ten minutes every day, preferably as early as possible in the morning.

2. Comfortably sit upright in a chair or other seat, with your feet on the floor. (If you wish to meditate afterwards, you can change your position for that different kind of practice.)

3. Begin with the Being Body Practice, bringing your awareness to feeling the sensations. (If time allows, you can do Microcosmic Orbit and/or Running Energy here as well.)

4. As Body, lean back, imagine the Universal Feminine behind you and beneath you and the Universal Masculine around you and within you, and connect with 'the Folks' for guidance and support. (Expressing gratitude is always good if nothing else is up at the moment.)  

5. Time permitting, remember something that has been triggered recently and bring your loving acceptance to the part of you that was triggered. Loving Life Force Energy or Regression are both good practices for this (with Judgment Release and/or Deep Denial Release as needed). You can also ask the Folks for anything else they might suggest you do by way of healing, and then follow their suggestion.

6. Say, “Thank you,” to the Folks, and finish up in whatever way you like.

7. Go on with the rest of your day in a more resourceful, energized and connected state. Throughout the day you can touch back into feelings anytime you want by using the Being Body Practice, Microcosmic Orbit, or simply feeling and loving the energy of any triggered feeling or sensation.