As you become more aware of your psychic energy during the Running Energy practice, you may notice 'cords' between yourself and an other person. By definition, a cord is an obsolete or unwanted energy connection with another.

Most ordinary communication is unconscious, happening below awareness between the chakras of those involved. And very often this unconscious communication establishes a cord between the people. Cords can be easily removed, although some ways of doing this are better than others. It's important to pull cords rather than cut them. Like an unresolved imprint, the remaining energy of a cut cord in your feeling essence can too easily attract another cording experience.

Although cording is a result of an unconscious agreement between two beings, it takes only one person to decide they no longer wish to participate in the agreement. Here is a script you can use to easily and safely remove cords, and free yourself from unwanted energy attachments with others:

Decording Script

With your energy running, examine each of your chakras and see if there is one that has a cord or cords you wish to remove.

When you have chosen a chakra to work on, imagine that all the cords you have with other people that relate to this chakra come together like branches of a tree, forming a trunk near the surface of your skin.

Now, take your psychic hands and grasp the trunk where all the cords come together. . . and firmly yet gently begin pulling the trunk of cords out of your body. Imagine the cord is like a plant you are pulling out of the ground. . . you want to get all the roots. The psychic flesh around the cord begins loosing, making it easier to pull.

Firmly and gently pulling and twisting the cord. . . so it comes out with its roots intact. (Pause) You may be able to sense the roots extending into other chakras. This is fine, pull the cord so that all the roots come with it. (Pause) At this time you may experience a sensation related to a specific person or persons. If so, you can make a mental note of this.

When the whole structure, roots and all, is outside of your body, take a look and see if there is anything you wish to keep. Cords, by their definition, are unwanted and obsolete energy attachments with others. So, you will likely want to send all of this away from you.

Send the cords off into space, returning their energy back to those other people. From the end of the cord, bring your own energy back to you. As your energy returns, you can imagine it as silver and gold flecks. As your energy comes back into your body it is purified, and it returns through the opening created when you removed the cord.

As your energy returns to you, it heals the wound where the cord was. (Pause) This opening is also healing from the inside. (Pause) When all your energy has returned and the wound is completely healed, allow your psychic hands to fold over the area. This will help you become aware when someone wants to cord you here again. (Pause)

Take a moment and check your grounding cords and the energy running in your chakras. (Pause) Make any adjustments you wish. If you like, remove more cords from other chakras (remember the back side of the chakras). Otherwise, come out of trance when you are ready.