Releasing Denial Energy

One of the principles of wholeness work is to first release any denial energy in the feeling before attempting to lovingly accept it. Denial energy is like infection in a wound; it will prevent healing by negating almost any attempt at love.

Judgments are a form of denial energy, and are easy to release with the judgment release practice. When we release the denial energy that had been embedded in the feeling by the judgment, we open ourselves and the emotion we're working with to the healing power of loving acceptance. The same is true when we release deep denial energy.

Deep denial energy is much more impactful than the denial of judgments, and yet its release is even easier. Deep denial energy is so intense that it seeks death and destruction. This is the energy of hatred; it denies life, love, and beauty. It tries to hurt or kill whatever it can, whenever it can.

Although it doesn't always act out violently, this is the motivating energy in physical violence, especially obvious in the 'postal worker syndrome' and mass murders. And it's also present in most intimate relationships. The urge to kill, hurt or suicide is a sure sign that deep denial energy is present.

Although it's a relatively common experience to have this kind of energy either in us or coming at us, it is not actually a human energy. It's a transpersonal energy that belongs elsewhere, but comes into manifestation through the ancient 'gaps' between the Universal Masculine and Universal Feminine within us.

Because denial energy was originally a form of spirit energy, Spirit is the transpersonal essence that can deal with it. It's part of Spirit's responsibility in the collaborative healing effort to help us move this energy out of manifestation and back to where it belongs -- the Void, home of all negation.

Once we've passed the denial energy on to Spirit, it's important to continue with the healing work by feeling back into the feeling that was infected by the denial energy and lovingly accepting the feeling just as it is, now without the denial energy. Accepting the part holding the feeling back into wholeness with the rest of self closes and heals the gap through which the denial energy entered.

Releasing Deep Denial Energy Practice

1. Locate the lowest chakra that is affected.

2. Bring both hands to a place just below that chakra with a light tap of your fingertips on that part of your body.

3. Holding your fingertips tightly against the surface of your body, move your hands fairly quickly up the front of your trunk, drawing the denial energy up through each chakra. When you reach the throat chakra, move your hands to each side of your neck, and then up the sides of your head.

4. Open your crown chakra and expel the energy upward, toward Spirit.

5 Your intention is something along these lines, "Here Spirit, take this and put it in its right place, it doesn't belong in me." This does not need to be spoken, just know that it's your intention to hand the denial energy off to Spirit to put in its right place.

6. Open your arms to invite the healing Light of Spirit's loving acceptance (as in the running energy practice) to come down and fill all the places where the denial energy had been in you.

7. You will experience immediate relief from the worst of the emotional energy. Now is the time to do healing work with what had caused the gap.

8. Feel back into the feeling that had the denial energy in it, and love the energy of the feeling back into acceptance by loving it as your own life force energy. You can also use Deep Practice or any of the other Healer's tools that seem appropriate to help you love the energy of the feeling now that the deep denial energy is gone (Regression, Parts Work, etc.). Once the gap or separation is closed, the denial energy will not return through that portal.

Internal Method

A less obvious and sometimes even more powerful way of releasing deep denial energy is to bring the unwanted energy up through your chakras by squeezing internal muscles. Begin by squeezing the sphincter and then the abdominal muscles. Next pull your shoulders slightly forward to tense your chest muscles, then squeeze your neck muscles to push the denial energy up through your head and out your crown, with the intention that Spirit send the energy to its right place.