The Essence of Will

There are two kinds of human will. 'Conscious will' is the well-known kind, as in th'e term 'will power.' It is this kind of will that has been used to bring into manifestation the desires of consciousness, of the mind and of ego.

Sentient Will is less known, and yet vastly more powerful than conscious will. It operates beneath conscious awareness and ego. It draws people, things and events to us as if 'out of the blue.' When sentient Will is operating, it feels like we're lucky or blessed, and it seems that good things 'just happen.' Sentient Will is also called 'true Will.'

The essence of true Will is desire. Unfulfilled desire is the key to manifesting.

The old saying, 'Nature abhors a vacuum,' is particularly apt when it comes to desire. Undenied desire is the longing, the craving that creates the vacuum and opens the space for something to exist and then draws it into existence. Without the space that holds it, there can be no existence.

'Will' is capitalized here to make the distinction between ordinary conscious will and the much deeper and powerful sentient Will. In this work we are referring to the true Will that draws whatever we lovingly desire into manifestation. Conscious will as discussed in Western philosophy and Eastern metaphysics involves planning, trying and doing, in other words 'making' things happen.

The true Will of manifestation is found in the magnetic, sentient drawing energy of desire. Sentient Will easily and naturally draws what is desired into manifestation without any effort on our part.

One reason we haven't known very much about true Will is that it's been severely judged against and debased by the pervasive conditioning that has told us that it's not a good idea to desire what we don't already have. We've been conditioned to deny our desires, to be more 'realistic,' to not be so 'self-centered,' to not want too much and to just be happy with what we have.

Our desires have even been blamed for being the very source of our unhappiness. In most of us, the backlog of unfulfilled desires has become so overwhelmingly painful that we've turned away and tried our best to ignore them.

Desire is the deepest and most profound presence of the feminine, sentient, feeling awareness. Denied desire shows up in our lives as 'negative' emotions. Emotions are expressions of desire, and in the case of negative emotions, the expression of the denial of desire. Deep under every negative emotion is a desire that's been twisted by denial.

Fear, for example is the result of the denied desire for safety and peace. Anger results from the denial of the desire for justice; and the pain of grief, loss and sadness is the twist that's happened when the desire for love is denied. Healing the emotional wounds in ourselves brings us back to ourselves and our desires, and empowers our Will.

In this work we take a radically different approach to desire and 'negative' emotions. This new approach does not create suffering and unhappiness, and actually gives us deep fulfillment right now, in the present moment. The new approach is to love all of our feelings, and especially our desires; loving them just as they are now, unfulfilled and all.

Desire is the inner calling of our deepest fulfillment and purpose. When we open to our unfulfilled desires and love them now, just as they are in the moment, that is, as an experience of energy and sensation in the body, we can easily bring loving acceptance to the most important part of ourselves, our true Will. Coming into acceptance of unfulfilled desires, just as they are in the moment, is a radically new approach to manifesting and healing.

Acceptance of desire and its edgy, magnetic energy allows us to
find what we truly yearnfor at the deepest levels of Being,
and enables us to draw to ourselves what we truly desire...

The true purpose of our lives and our Beings can be found in our deepest desires. Loving acceptance of our core desires in turn draws to us a life that is truly meaningful and fulfilling.

Our ongoing acceptance of the energy of our unfulfilled desires becomes a powerful magnetic force that naturally aligns with the Universal Will. And in this new collaboration with the Will of Creation we can experience the promise of truly Free Will for humans. The practices and perceptual tools in this manual are designed to help us free our Wills, and therefore become more whole as Beings so we can at last manifest all of who we truly are and all of what we truly desire.