Connect with your feelings and let them move you into more vibrant energy and deeper presence! Expand your aliveness and channel your passion and power.

FeelingsDance! Feel Body come alive as you lead the music with everyone in the field following and supporting.

FeelingsDance! Dance yourself to life in a way you never imaged possible! And bring a drum, rattle or other musical instrument if you like!

FeelingsDance!Adam Bulbulia will be facilitating the event, as well as playing the didgeridoo. Adam is a certified Process Coach & Trainer with over 16 years experience in the healing arts and over 12 years exploring dance, movement and ceremony.

"I love moving from my feelings and dancing into the deepest darkest places in my being to bring life and love to my whole Self."

SunRidge School ~ Sebastopol
Date & Time: Saturday, June 24th, 7:00 – 8:30pm
Cost: Free with registration to the
2017 Process Coaching retreat.