The Healer's Faith

One of the ways to distinguish the Healer from other parts of self is by sensing your faith in the positive. Faith is another way of saying 'belief beyond doubt,' and has often been misunderstood to mean 'blind faith,' or believing in something without any evidence that it is true. The Healer's faith is simple:

The Universe is good, and operating correctly at all times.

When you are identified with yourself as Healer, this belief will be present. When you are identified with a part of yourself that needs help, likely you will not have this faith. Your first priority as the Healer is to be identified as the Healer, and by your faith in the Universe you will know that you are ready and able to be there for your hurting and suffering parts.

At first glance, this may seem like yet another kind of blind faith. The mind may ask, "How can I know the Universe is good and operating correctly?" The answer can be found in the realization that if the Universe is only sometimes good, or only sometimes operating correctly, then eventually it will all come to naught. And if that were to be so, then what would be the point of doing anything? Assuming that the Universe is 'good' gives us as Healer the powerful inner resource of certainty that we live in a Universe where we are not a victim.

In truth, the Universe is neither good nor bad, or sometimes one or the other. It just is as it is. In choosing to call it 'good,' however, we put ourselves in a positive relationship with the Universe, and therefore in a positive relationship with all of the events in our life. Although we may not understand in the moment how an apparently unfortunate event may be good for us, we can know that we eventually will understand.

With the Healer's faith, the same events that could be construed as hurtful to your sense of self can be seen as helpful to your deeper purposes of healing, learning and evolving. Having faith in a positive and suportive Universe provides an invaluable strength to you as the Healer when you're working with the long-repressed pain in the deeper layers of Being. Dialoguing with the Universe for guidance and support is another way of affirming your faith in universal goodness.