Inner Field Constellations

Inner Field Constellation Work uses the powerfully evocative ‘field’ of the imagination to bring previously unconscious material to conscious awareness. (See the Iceberg Metaphor.) As in outer constellation work, the client’s imagination is used to hold representatives of their family or organization, their issues, and/or parts of self. Underlying energies and issues in relationships are brought to light and the means to heal long-held suffering from entanglements, shock and traumas are made readily available.

Experience with Process Constellation Work and Perceptual Positions is very helpful, but not necessary for Inner Field Constellations. A Process Coach can help you facilitate your inner constellations at first, and with experience you will be able to do Inner Field Constellations on your own. Here are the basic steps:

1.  Identify the issue you wish to resolve and the persons that have been involved.

2.  Imagine a platform with nothing on it, like a bare stage.

3.  As observer, see your present self on the platform. This is the first representative.

4.  See the next most important representative on the platform and note where they are standing and which direction they are facing relative to the representation of yourself. As Observer, feel into the field.

5.   Have both representatives look at each other, and observe/feel what happens.

6. Go into Second Position (Other) with the new representative, and from this position say or do whatever you are moved to say or do. Also say what you are experiencing in this position.

7.  Return to Observer Position and see what has happened in the inner constellation. Have either of the representatives changed position relative to the other?

8.  Go into First Position (Self) on the platform, and from this position do or say whatever you are moved to. Also report your experience in this position.

9.  Return to Observer Position and notice what has happened in the constellation.

10.  As the Observer, ask yourself “Is there anyone missing in the inner constellation, someone who it would be important to include?” or “Is there a resource that would be helpful in the constellation?” Bring in a representative for this person or resource and place them in the constellation. Notice where they are positioned and what happens after they are included.

11.  Continue in this manner, adding additional representatives as intuition suggests. Move from Observer to identification with each representative and express from that position. Also report your experience in that position, and then move back to Observer.

12.  When the inner constellation feels complete, draw the image of the newly healed field close to you, so close that you draw it all inside of you, one whole, complete Being.


When leaving identification with a position on the platform, always move back to Observer and take a moment to observe the position of each representative and feel into the field before assuming another identity in the field.

The inner field can be used to facilitate parts work (especially helpful when working with more than one part), and even regression (a younger part of self is added to the field).

Inner field work is a great way to get practice moving between Perceptual Positions!