Intuition: The Best Guidance Possible

Intuitive information comes from the sentient depths without a searching of the conscious memory or without the conscious mind's use of the imagination. When we access the intuition we are practicing clairsentience, and we seem to arrive at an insight by a path from unknown sources directly to conscious awareness. Flash! Out of nowhere, in no time. The ability to access and use information from the intuition is essential in the effective and creative use of the other Process Coaching tools.

In relating with others, it's important to realize that your intuition will bring you information about the other person and your relationship from under the iceberg. When your intuition is the source of your words and actions, your expression is much more appropriate and helpful than when it comes from thinking and mental ideas of what's 'right.' What you do and say from the intuition in earnest communication will be meaningful to the other person, even though you may not fully understand it yourself.

The quickest and best way to nurture and develop intuitive skill is to trust all of your intuitive insights. Consciously accepting and trusting the intuition encourages it to be more present. The sentient, intuitive information is then more accessible and the conscious mind finds less reason to question, analyze or judge your intuitive insights.

To develop this sense of trust, simply do or say whatever your intuition suggests. In other words, do what feels right to do in the moment. The mind is conditioned to believe it is smarter than the sensate, and to not trust any feelings, especially intuition. If you catch yourself questioning an impulse or hunch from the intuition, that's the conditioned mind's attempt to dismiss or discount the intuitive information.

Once the intuition is flowing, it will continue easily, unless it's blocked. The most usual blockages come from the conscious mind's judgments of the intuitive information. The best way to avoid this is to release the judgments or otherwise get the cooperation of the conscious mind so it will step aside and become the observer when intuition is being accessed.

Say to the mind, "Thank you for your input. Now let's watch and see what happens when we follow the intuition's advice." This will prevent an inner battle, and over time the mind will become accustomed to cooperating with the intuition and the information that comes through feeling.