Joy Dixon

Joy DixonJoy is passionate about her healing work, incorporating Process Coaching with massage, dance, and somatic work including pilates and yoga. She is certified by the National Holistic Institute as a massage practitioner.

When Joy discovered Process Coaching it was the missing link for her—a way to heal the wounds of childhood and come more deeply into body and feeling. The process she went through was truly transformational. “The tools of Process Coaching have helped me in amazing ways to overcome past pain and patterns, giving me new ways to approach the challenges of life. I can create and manifest in ways that are truly magical because I have connected to my deeper intuitive self.”

Joy loves to offer healing support and guidance to others seeking to embodying more wholeness and be more connected with their feelings. She lives and works in Sebastopol, CA and is available for in-person and telephone sessions.

Jox Dixon ~ Certified Process Coach

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