Loving Life Force Energy

Love is the true medicine of healing. It's our love for the feeling parts of ourselves that enables us to find and heal them. As children we learned to suppress or repress feelings as a way of coping. That sent those parts into the shadow where they've remained hidden-until they're triggered by a present circumstance. The triggering is useful, because now there is an opportunity to become reacquainted with the parts of us that are still feeling what was suppressed.

The most direct (and perhaps easiest) way to heal and integrate these lost parts is to love the energy of the feeling in the body. However, an old coping strategy usually kicks in; a story starts up whenever we feel hurt, scared or angry. The story however is just a series of thoughts about the feeling, not the feeling itself. Trying to resolve the issue at the level of the story keeps us in the mind, and away from the actual feeling. It's only by feeling the energy of the feeling where it is located in body that we are able to heal it.

Feeling the energy of an emotion in the body enables us to experience the feeling directly, on its own terms, without having to refer to the story in the mind about the event that triggered the feeling. By dropping out of the story and its conditioning in the mind we are able to directly meet the real issue, the energy of the feeling itself. Then we can bring back to ourselves this previously lost and denied part of self.

Interestingly, the unconditioned mind can help us to feel the energy of the feeling. All you need do is to inquire about the energy in feeling terms. The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself questions about the location and sensations of the energy. "Where am I feeling this in my body?" is the first question.

When you find the location of the energy, breathe some space into and around the feeling so it has enough room to be there and move as it will. This will also help you be more comfortable with it being here. Next you can ask about the sensations, "Is this energy more tight or loose?" "Warm or cool?" "Hard or soft?" "Sharp or dull?" "Is it still or moving?" etc.

When you use the mind in this way, you cut to the chase in the healing work and avoid the conditioned pitfalls of having to deal with a story you've been telling yourself. The story is not the actual experience; it's only a model of the experience in the mind. The experience of the feeling's energy in the body is what is real. There is no victim or perpetrator in this direct approach; there are no judgments. There is only the energy that's been triggered and the feeling of its sensations in your body.

Once you have explored the sensations of the energy, you can begin to make friends with it. If a judgment release or deep denial release seems like it would help, go for it. Or you can simply find something about this energy that is lovable, and begin by loving that. Your love will expand as you welcome the energy and find appreciation for it being here in you. And this is the easiest way to help it feel your love.

You'll know you're on the right track when you can feel into the feeling and say something like this to it: "Ah, my most excellent life-force energy! Thank you for being here, I love you. I want to be with you. I want you to be with me... always."

When we move toward the energy in body with unconditional loving acceptance for it just as it feels right now, the feeling will respond positively. Very often deep emotional movement arises and new information comes spontaneously with this movement. The energy of the emotion is now free to move in you, as it will.

The real healing medicine is your honest love and trust for yourself and all of your life force energy, just as it is right now, no matter how badly it had been judged or repressed in the past. Healing happens whenever real love shows up for a place where it hasn't been before. And wholeness happens whenever a feeling part of ourselves receives and accepts our love.


1. Remember a triggering situation or event you experienced in the past, and feel some of the energy of the triggered feeling again now. 

2. Ask yourself, “Where am I feeling this energy in Body?” 

3. If you can do it easily, place your hand on the location in the trunk of Body (between your neck and bottom) where you feel the energy of the feeling.

4. Breathe some space around the energy, giving it more room to be. 

5. Notice what happens as you give the energy space, and give it even more space, as much space as feels good to the energy, welcoming it. 

6. With curiosity, ask yourself about the sensations, “Is this energy more tight or loose?” “Warm or cool?” “Hard or soft?” “Sharp or dull?” “Is it still or moving?” If it’s moving, “Is it moving slow, medium, or fast?” 

7. Hum the vibration of the energy. (Sound it with your voice as a high, medium or low humming.) 

8. If the energy is uncomfortable to feel, there’s likely a judgment in it. Do a judgment release or deep denial release. 

9. Find something about the energy that you like, and begin by loving that. Find a way to befriend this energy. 

10. As you are able to gain loving acceptance for the energy just the way it is, say to the energy something like, “Ah, my most excellent life-force energy! Thank you for being here, I love you. I want to be with you. I want you to be with me... always.”

11. Take an observer position so you can see both yourself as the Healer—and the energy you’ve been loving. 

12. Now go into the position of the energy. As the energy, you are the beloved. So it’s your job to receive the love that’s been coming to you from the Healer. Soak it in and feel what it’s like to be discovered and appreciated and loved just for who you are, just the way you are. 

13. When you’re ready, come back to Observer so you can see again both the energy and yourself, the Healer. 

14. Now step back into yourself as the Healer, continuing to love the energy. And when you’re ready, hold the energy close, so close you absorb it into yourself, one whole Being. 

15. Now notice what you’re experiencing as Body. Notice how good it feels when loving Consciousness shows up for Sentience.