How to Manifest What You Truly Desire

Throughout history we humans have been asking ourselves (and each other), "How can I get what I want?" and "How can I do what I want to do?" In other words, "How can my life be the way I really want it to be?"
The ancient wisdom traditions of the East and the West have had different answers to this question. In the Eastern Tradition, the answer has been to transcend all desire and accept life just as it is. The teaching here is that when we accept things as they are, and ourselves as we are, life is blissful, because we have transcended our desires. In other words, peace or nirvana is achieved by detaching from wanting anything beyond what already is, letting go of desire.

The Eastern Tradition has also taught that suffering comes not only from desiring, it comes as well from identifying with the mind, and therefore with form. The Eastern sages of the past and present have realized that the human mind has been conditioned with habits that have worked to keep the self trapped in the mind and the mind's models of reality.

If unquestioned, the mind will even decide our identity for us. Without awareness to the contrary, we've automatically identified ourselves as the person we've thought ourselves to be, rather than the amazing whole Being we truly are well beyond the mind's ability to comprehend. Far better, say the Eastern sages, to go beyond all duality and form and dwell in the formless dimension of pure consciousness. Hinduism and Buddhism are the two major religions that have come out of this perspective.

The Western Tradition has taken a very different approach. Since the ancient mythical figure Hermes Trismegistus inscribed the legendary 'Emerald Tablet' with the maxim, 'As above, so below; and as below, so above,' sages of the Western Tradition have endeavored to use the mind and its inherent sense of duality to transcend duality in search of Truth.

They also believed that by manipulating form, training the mind and exploiting desire, the Truth would be revealed; and they would know how to achieve material wealth by perfecting the 'philosopher's stone.' Even physical immortality through discovering the 'elixir of life' has been a goal of the Western approach to self-realization.

Metaphysics, alchemy and the Western magical traditions arose from these beliefs. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the major religions that have come out of the perspectives of the Western Tradition.

There is another tradition that predates both the Eastern and Western traditions. 'Shamanism' is the term now used for the spiritual healing practices of indigenous people from every continent, and has been influential in many modern healing modalities.

There are many flavors and styles of shamanistic practices. Most indigenous spiritual practices utilize elements that have been adopted by both the Eastern and Western traditions, however there is a strong bias toward honoring the sensate, creature aspects of self. In the shamanistic view, humans are one species of creatures living in harmony with the myriad other life forms, all sharing the bounty of Mother Earth and the blessings of Father Sky.

Blending Traditions

The healing work explored in this manual is a blend of understandings and tools from all three planetary traditions, as well as new understandings about the true nature of desire itself. In Process Coaching we recognize the truth of the Eastern approach in surrendering to acceptance of what is while freeing consciousness from the trap of mind and its desires. We honor the Western approach to training the mind and using it instead of continuing to unconsciously allow the mind's limiting conditioning to use us. We also deeply honor the Shamanic approach in respecting the sensate, feeling parts of ourselves.

And we don't stop there. The fourth ingredient in the Healing to Wholeness blend is found in understanding the true nature of human Will, the path to the Truth that only desire can show us. In this work we honor desire as our primary resource in freeing ourselves to make our lives the way we truly want them to be.

The greatest limitation of the three great traditions is that they've missed the most important truth, which is wholeness. Wholeness in the East has meant wholeness of consciousness. Pure consciousness knows no fragmentation or separation. Because mind and even form itself have been transcended, all is one, there is no duality. While this is certainly true of pure consciousness, it is not true of human beings. Our wholeness includes more than just consciousness.

We are here in the world of form. We have bodies, thoughts and feelings; duality is inherent in our nature. Human wholeness must include more than consciousness alone. Instead of transcending our humanness in search of the perfection of pure consciousness, in this work we choose to embrace our thoughts and feelings and bodies, the forms that we are. True wholeness surely includes all of what we are, not just pure conscious awareness.

The Secret

In the West the developed mind has been quite successful at manifesting. Recently, in 2006, a book and video called The Secret has summarized the most accessible teachings and understandings of the metaphysics of the Western Tradition as they apply to manifesting what we want. The issue here is that what is manifested in this manner is of the mind; in this way we manifest what we think we want.

This kind of manifesting can have serious drawbacks. Very often what we think we want turns out not to be what we really want, and sometimes even what we don't want at all. The civilization that the Western tradition has spawned which values things, money, position and power over love, beauty and environment is perhaps the best example of what can happen when mind alone is given the power to manifest.

The practices of indigenous cultures come the closest to the approach we take in this work. The most obvious similarity is a deep respect for the natural world (the real world), and less importance placed on the mind-made world humans have manifested. The native peoples have practiced a kind of collaboration with the Universe and the natural environment they inhabit. And it is in this dance between the Self and the Universe that true wholeness comes into being. And with our true wholeness comes not only being who we really are; we also experience the fulfillment of our hearts' desires... doing what we truly want to do and having what we truly want to have.

The Real Secret

The real secret, the deeper secret to manifesting what you truly desire, is hidden in the fact that there are two kinds of awareness. Although conscious awareness is the more comfortable, known and understood kind of human awareness, it hasn't always been this way.

There is another kind of awareness that predates consciousness, and has almost always been eclipsed by consciousness. It is called sentience. Sentient awareness is the awareness of feelings, emotions and sensations, and sentience is the key to unlocking the deepest human potential for manifesting.

Desire is the most intense, deepest and juiciest kind of sentience. Desire is the essence of Will. Desire has a powerful magnetic power that when honored with loving acceptance, draws what is desired into your life. Real desire, the desire that is capable of manifesting more than we have ever believed possible is well beyond what the mind has been able to know. The mind has been able to only think about desire, not to feel it.

The two major traditions have had not-so-subtle judgments against desire, emotions, and the whole sensate realm including the role of sensing and feeling in human life. The new way of manifesting through healing to wholeness is supportive of emotions and feelings, and in fact puts them in a leadership role in the manifesting process.

Humans occupy a unique place in the Universal scheme of things. We are both Spirit and Creature. We can explore the beauty and transcendent glory of ourselves as spiritual beings through the practices of the ancient spiritual traditions and their modern offshoots.

And now with this work, we have the opportunity to not only explore the truth of ourselves as spiritual beings, we can also redirect our conscious awareness to embark on a new kind of exploration. We can now explore the previously hidden world of the amazingly beautiful and powerful sensate beings we are as well. It's only in experiencing ourselves as both conscious and sentient beings that true and complete wholeness can be experienced.

The journey toward being who we truly are and
having what we truly desire begins when we stop
trying to figure it out in the mind, and focus on
sensing and feeling our way instead.

The Healing to Wholeness practices and the tools of Process Coaching described in this manual are the quickest, easiest and least painful ways we know to conduct this exploration.

In the process of finding and reclaiming lost and abandoned parts of ourselves at both the personal and transpersonal layers of being we also find and reclaim the ability to manifest by way of the previously lost essence of our Will. As both persons and Beings, we become more of who we truly are. And now for the first time, with a fully intact and whole Will. And in collaboration with the Universal Will, we are able to draw to ourselves all of what we truly desire in life.