Three Modes of Inner Dialogue

I. Dialogue with the Universal Feminine & the Universal Masculine, ('the Folks') for Guidance and Support

In healing to wholeness, the larger Being we connect with as the source of inner guidance and support is distinguished as two separate essences. The Universal Masculine represents conscious awareness at the cosmic level of Being; the Universal Feminine represents sentient awareness at the deepest level of reality. There are more details about this in Working in the Transpersonal Realm.
The masculine, yang, outgoing, conscious part of Deity we call 'Spirit,' and the feminine, in-drawing, sentient part we call 'the Mother.' The aspects of these two cosmic essences that are available to us for guidance and support are in divine union, and together we call them 'the Creators' and as they seem to prefer, simply 'the Folks.'
They can also be understood as the two essences of the 'Higher Self.' Their energies are different, and yet loving Spirit's energy is always aligned with the Mother's. Together they are loving, allowing and welcoming and never demanding or critical.

The practice of inner dialogue with the Creators is easiest to learn when done just after the Running Energy practice, and while sitting upright in a chair that has a back you can lean against. Begin with a question in mind for your highest and deepest Source of guidance and support.

1. Now, with your energy running, close your eyes and imagine that the Universal Feminine, the Mother of Creation is present here, behind you and beneath you, as if you are sitting in her lap.

2. Accept whatever image or images your imagination presents to you, and allow yourself to feel the Universal Feminine holding and supporting you... so you can lean back into her loving and supportive embrace. Once you sense a connection, spend a little time taking in the loving, nurturing and supportive energy of the Mother.

3. The light of Loving Spirit is here too, in and around both of you. This is the part of the Universal Masculine that deeply loves the Universal Feminine and is here for her in whatever ways she wants, and like you as the resourceful parental Healer, his energy is that of acceptance, appreciation and encouragement.

4. When you also have a connection with Spirit, say "Hello Folks," in your mind's voice. Imagine telepathic communication... like in dreams where you can send and receive thoughts and feelings without having to speak.

5. There may be words you can 'hear' or sense telepathically as if in your own voice. If it's a gesture or a feeling that lets you know the response to your greeting, simply translate any communication through images or feelings into words in your mind's voice.

6. When you've said "Hello" and have received a response, ask "Is it okay to ask some questions?" Note the response, and when you're ready, ask "What can you tell me about--- _______?" (the issue you want more information about).


7. Feel-listen, and sense the presence of Spirit and the Mother as they respond. When you have received the answer to your question, ask a follow-up question. Ask their advice about how you can use this information in your daily life. ("What other advice can you give me about this?" Or, "What do you suggest I do here by way of healing?") And again open to the response.
8. If there is something you don't completely understand, or the answer is still too vague to act on, ask other follow-up questions as needed to get more specific information, and then note the response.
9. Continue your communication for as long as you like, and when you feel complete, thank them. Ask if you may return at another time to communicate again, and bid them farewell. When you're ready, gently return your awareness to the place where you're sitting, and notice the feeling of your energy in your body.


II. Dialogue with a Part of the Self

Inner dialogue with a part of yourself happens during the regression process. The loving inner healer as the 'director' communicates with the child who is having a traumatic experience. And with the inner dialogue technique, we can communicate with a part without doing regression.

For instance, if there is a habit or behavior that we want to change, we can speak directly with the part that is responsible for the behavior. In doing so, we can learn why the part has been doing what it has, and find a better way for the part to express itself and fulfill its purpose.

The protocol is to imagine what the part would look like if it had its own body (visual anchor). Next, say "Hello," and feel-listen for the response. Ask if it's okay to communicate, and then let the part feel your intention to help. At this point you can also use the Core Desire Outline to find out what the part desires at the deepest level. More options for doing 'parts' work are covered in the handout Working with Parts of the Self.


III. Dialogue with the Higher Self of Another

It is often useful in healing a relationship to communicate with the higher self of the other person. The 'higher self' can be imagined as an image of the person, but with a lot of light in and around them. With the anchor of the light as the spiritual and wise aspect of the person, say "Hello." Listen-feel for the response, and begin the dialogue with the question, "Is it okay to communicate?"
It's important to remember that you don't want to 'tell' the higher self about how you feel, etc., but rather to ask questions so you can know more about what's going on with the other person, at the personality level. In talking, both you and the higher self will refer to the personality level in the third person. For instance, you may say, "What can you tell me about why Mary always seems so angry with me?" rather than, "Why are you always angry with me?" It's as if the higher self is another being who knows and loves the person, and of course can answer your questions about them.