Working with Parts of Self

'Parts' work is a quick and easy way to get to the bottom of issues and resolve them. Each behavior, feeling or thought we have can be attributed to a separate 'part' of ourselves. We can communicate with any part we wish simply by identifying it and saying "hello." The happy result of inner dialogue with a part of us is our loving acceptance of it.

Here are the steps in doing parts work:

1. Identify the behavior, feeling or thought that you wish to work on.

2. 'Anchor' the part by identifying it verbally, "I would like to speak to the part of me that is responsible for_______" (the behavior, thought or feeling).

3. If it's a feeling, or if there's a feeling associated with the behavior or thought, locate the feeling in your body.

4. Ask yourself, "What would this part look like if it had its own body?"

5. Allow an image of the part to form. Any image will do, an inanimate object or even a color or amorphous shape is fine.

6. Say, "Hello" to the part, and sense the response.

7. Ask the part, "Is it okay to communicate?" and sense the response.

8. If you sense the part may have a name, ask the part to tell you what it is. (Don't give the part a name, ask it to tell you its name.)

9. Tell the part that since it's a part of you, you know that it is good, and that its intentions are good.

10. Engage the part in dialogue. Here are some options:

a. If the part answers "No" to the question in number 7 above, ask the part, "Why don't you want to communicate?" And continue the dialogue from there.
b. Say "Thank you" whenever the part responds to you.
c. Ask the part, "What do you want?" And then use one or more of these options:

1. Follow the core desire outline by next asking, "When you have ______ (what is wanted) fully and completely, what is it that you get through having that, that is even deeper and more important?" Continue with the chain until you reach the part's core desire.
2. Give the part whatever it wants by being the director of the movie, as in the regression process.
3. Let the part know that you will work toward realizing its desires, and ask if it has any advice for you in that regard.

d. Ask the part, "What can I do for you?" When you get the answer, ask any follow up questions you feel necessary, and then do whatever is asked of you.

11. Finish up by holding the part close to you, so close that you absorb it into yourself... one whole, complete human person.