Regression Process

Regression is probably the most profound tool of process coaching. Present issues can be resolved and healed by finding and rescuing parts of yourself that are still 'stuck' in past traumas, often in early childhood.

Earlier traumas can also include experiences in past lives, experiences while still in the womb, and of course birth itself. Birth is a particularly traumatic experience for the newborn, even if all goes well. Early childhood is also rife with traumatic experiences that can easily cause parts of the self to become split off or 'lost.'

Regression is the tool of choice for finding and recovering these lost parts and bringing them back into wholeness with the rest of the self. The essence of healing is to create a state of wholeness, and regression process is nearly miraculous in achieving this.

Many therapies include regression as an integral part of the healing process, but process coaching offers the most effective tools for self-control of the regression process, insuring that real healing results. Several therapies take the position that re-experiencing the original trauma and expressing the old feelings is all that's necessary to release the emotions trapped in the past, and therefore heal the present situation.

Sometimes this is true and there's a spontaneous healing, but more often there are still unresolved issues and the emotional wound remains open. In the Repairing the Past process, anchors are used to help the resourceful, parental healer part to bring a resourceful state to a part who in the past was unable to overcome a difficulty, and suffered as a result.

In this process a new past is created that replaces or 'repairs' the original trauma. The nervous system responds to the new memory created in the regression process instead of the old memory, effectively healing the old trauma that was imprinted in the original experience.

In Repairing the Past you will follow the present feeling of pain or stuckness back to where it begins. You'll guide yourself through a discovery of previously suppressed childhood trauma and by a process we call 'leapfrogging' find your way back to the original or first instance of the trauma.

Traumas will reenact themselves over and over in an attempt to resolve the pain that was originally experienced, with the present wounding being the most recent example. So there may be many similar instances since it first occurred where the trauma has repeated itself. It's not necessary to find them all, except the original instance in the chain of traumas.

For practice you can use the Repairing the Past script in several ways. You can read it to yourself and use a finger to mark your place. Go inside and do what is suggested, and when you have finished, open your eyes and return to the script and continue reading.

You can also read the script to another and take them through the process, and ask them do the same for you. Or you can make a tape while reading the script. With the tape you can use the pause button to pace the script to fit your process.