Repairing the Past

(Regression process script to be read for another or for self.)

Anchoring Resources

1. Relaxing in a comfortable sitting position, get in touch with a good feeling. Allow yourself to remember the feeling you get when you're successful. You know, that feeling of strength and accomplishment you get when you've done something that is difficult, but you succeed anyway.

2. Allow yourself to follow this feeling back to a time in the recent past, or the distant past, where you did something and you were successful... If more than one event comes to mind, choose the one where you feel the strongest... and let me know when you've chosen one. (Pause for answer.)

3. Good. Remember the best moment of this experience, when you are feeling the strongest, and go into that moment now. Be in this moment... in your body, looking out through your eyes. See now what you are seeing. If there are other people present, look into their eyes.

4. Hear the sounds of this time... voices, perhaps... maybe your own voice... any other sounds of this time.

5. And feel the feelings. Feeling strong and successful. These are good feelings, and it's okay to breathe in even more of them. Feeling confident and competent... feeling capable... you can do it. You can get what you want... feeling resourceful... strong... and successful.

6. Breathe in the feelings of this time and notice where in your body you are feeling them. Where do these feelings center in your body? (Pause for answer.)

7. And remembering this experience as a positive resource state... you can reenter this state whenever you wish... by simply remembering this scene, and again being in your body in this time, looking out through your eyes and feeling these feelings . . in this place in your body.

8. Hold on to these feelings as long as you like, and let me know when you're ready to move on. (Pause for answer.)

Regression and Exploration

9. Now, get in touch with the feeling you wish to heal or the feeling associated with the block or habit you wish to release. It may help to remember a time in the recent past when you felt this. (Pause.)

10. Locate the feeling in your body. Notice where this feeling centers, and allow it to become more intense, without becoming too uncomfortable. Breathe some space in around the feeling... and with your conscious mind, hold on to the feeling.

11. While you hold on to the feeling, I would like to speak to your unconscious mind and ask it to search the unconscious memory for the event that happened when you first felt this feeling. Drifting backward in time, like sinking down in a huge pile of feathers, safe and supported, drifting back in time to the very first time you ever felt this feeling.

12. And holding on to the feeling with your conscious mind, imagine there's a screen in this feeling, like in a movie theater. The screen is blank as you drift back to the event when you first felt this feeling.

13. When you arrive at the time when you first felt this feeling, an image will appear on the screen of your mind, as if you're in a movie theater and an image begins to form on the blank screen in front of you.

14. It doesn't matter what the image is, it may not make sense at first. If there's more than one image, go with the earliest one. Take your time and let me know when an image begins to appear. (Pause for answer.)

15. What are you seeing? (Pause for answer.) Imagine this is a movie and you are the director. You can change the lens or camera angle to get a better view, adjust the focus, or even add light if you need it. (If necessary, ask clarifying questions like, "Is this indoors or outdoors?" "Pull the camera back and get a wide angle view. Where is the child you once were?" Is the child standing or sitting?" Is there anyone else in this scene?", etc.)

16. Remember, you're not in the scene. The present you is watching this like you would a movie... and you are the director. You're seeing an earlier version of yourself, a younger you, a child. How old is the child? (Pause for answer. If the age is over 2 or 3 years, you may want to 'leap frog' back to an earlier event where the original feeling was present. If so, go on to #17, otherwise skip to #18.)

17. Now, as the director you can walk onto the set unobserved and get close to the child. Read the child's feelings, and feel this in your body. Hold onto this feeling with your conscious mind while I once again ask the unconscious mind to trace this feeling back to the event you first experienced it. (Go over steps #11-16 again.)

18. Now, roll the film back to a time before there was any trouble and let me know when you get there. (Pause for answer.) Okay, now roll the film forward and watch what happened in this scene ... and let me know when it's finished. (Pause for answer.)

19. Let's leave this scene now, we'll return soon to heal it. While remaining in trance, come back toward the present... and let me ask... did you make any decisions or form any judgments about yourself as a result of this experience? (Pause for answer. If "yes", finish this paragraph, otherwise, go on to # 20.) Sometimes we carry into adulthood incorrect ideas and judgments about ourselves that we formed as children. Help the child by releasing any judgments you may have made back then.

20. Now, remember that time we visited earlier when you were successful? (Pause for answer.) Good. Once again, take the best moment of that experience. Be in your body, looking out through your eyes. See now what you are seeing. Hear the sounds of this time. And feel the feeling. (Pause long enough to come back into the resource state.)

21. Good. Now breathe in more of this feeling and let it become more intense. This is the kind of feeling, the kind of emotional resource you want to take back to the child, that earlier version of yourself who was having a bad time.


22. Now, with your resources inside, return to the scene where the child was in trouble. You are the director, just walk right onto the set. Stop action.

23. Go to the child. Make contact and allow the child to feel your good feelings. Allow them to feel your sense of well-being, your strength and security. There's telepathic communication. Comfort and reassure the child, show them your concern and tell them of your love. Take the child into your arms and hold them close to you, tell them you won't allow this kind of thing to happen ever again, and you'll be there for them whenever they need you.

24. Feel the child feeling your good feelings. Feel the communication and rapport between you. Watch as the child becomes healed by your feelings and by the comfort and reassurance you provide. Let me know when the child is comforted and feeling good. (Pause for answer.)

25. Now, imagine you are the director and the child is the writer. The two of you decide how you want to change this scene so it comes out exactly as you'd like it to, the way that will feel best to the child. You can have it any way you wish, there are no limits to your power to change this. What outcome would the child most enjoy? Call in whatever resources you want for assistance. Let me know when you have a plan, an outline for a script. (Pause for answer.)

26. Okay, now roll the film back to a time just before the trouble started and let me know when you're there. (Pause for answer.)

27. Good, now you become the child, merge into the child's body. There's your adult self ready to help, if you need anything. And as the child, make it bigger, brighter, more color, more feeling, better feeling. Roll 'em... and have this new scene come out just the way you want it. You deserve to have it your way. Let me know when this scene comes out just the way you want it. (Pause for answer.)

28. Good. Now, allow your future self to hold you. And as you look into each other's eyes, see the love and understanding and compassion... and the adult holds the child so close that you absorb them into your self... one, whole complete human person. (If you have 'leap frogged', visit the scene(s) with the older child that you discovered first, and go over steps # 22-28.)

Future Pace

29. And with the child inside, come back toward the present to a time in the future when you might have ordinarily felt that old feeling of stuckness that we started with, a time in the future, perhaps a day, or a week, or a month from now, when you may find yourself in a situation where you would have ordinarily experienced that old feeling. Let me know when you get to this future scene. (Pause for answer.)

30. Good. Now imagine that you're in this situation and you're just about to get that old feeling. Notice that the old feeling has changed. You are now free to feel the way you want to feel. Now take a point of view outside of your body and watch as if it's a film. Notice that you no longer need to act the way you once did, you are now free to act the way you want to act. Continue watching yourself in this future event and let me know when it comes out just the way you want it. (Pause for answer.)

31. Good, you can return to the present now and come out of trance when you're ready, remembering what has happened. (Pause) Can you now locate the old feeling we originally started with? Has it changed? In what way?