Short Form Regression Practice

Access the loving, resourceful healer before step one when doing this process intentionally. If you are triggered, use the ultra-short form below first, and then access the loving, resourceful healing part before step three.

1. Experience a feeling that is other than 'okay' or 'good.'

2. Locate the feeling in your body.

3. Look into the feeling and imagine that there is a child who is feeling this, and allow an image of the child to appear in your mind's eye.

4. Imagine that the child is like a character in a movie and you are the director.

5. With your loving, resourceful healer self as the director, walk onto the set in your present body... and be there with the child. If you have accessed a transpersonal helper when finding resources, bring them along with you.

6. Using inner dialogue, let the child know that you're here for them and you're going to see to it that the suffering ends... now.

7. Find out from the child if there are any judgments they have against themselves regarding this trauma, and if so, use the appropriate judgment release statements on behalf of the child.

8. Find out from the child what kind of intervention they would like you to make on their behalf, and do so.

9. Hold the child close to you and allow the child to feel your love, strength and acceptance.

10. Take the position of the child (go into the child's body) and experience how it feels to have someone who really knows your pain being here for you with love and acceptance, and with the kind of strength capable of bringing real help.

11. Spend as much time with each other as you wish, child or past self and future self... two bodies, yet one whole complete human person.

12. Return with the child (or other past part) in your heart.

Ultra-Short Form for Use in Emergencies:

1. Experience a feeling other than 'okay' or 'good.'

2. Locate the feeling in your body. (Optional)

3. Say to the feeling, "I love you, I love you, I love you" repeatedly until you become resourceful enough to remember your loving, resourceful healer self. Spend a moment or two getting fully in touch with your resources as the healer.

4. Go to step two or three of the longer process above.