New Tools for Personal Transformation

The shifting of a paradigm, the turning of an age - old tools and old ways are yielding to a new urge for deeper meaning. As more and deeper insights from the collective unconscious find their way to awareness, those who wish to navigate the deeper layers of their being are developing and using new and better ways to facilitate personal transformation and healing. Wholeness work offers a rich and versatile set of tools that can be used to create other new techniques and further develop one's own unique approach to their personal healing and transformation. Practitioners of wholeness learn how to use these powerful tools in their own process... in a coaching rather than therapeutic relationship.

Process Coaching

Process Coaching is an eclectic approach to learning and using tools to get unstuck and move process forward. It completes a circle in human consciousness that begins where rhythm and movement were first used to induce altered states. Ancient shamanic ritual and spiritual healing practices such as journeying and soul retrieval join with timeless intuitive and metaphysical practices.

This union then coalesces with some of the most recent discoveries of hypnosis, psychic and somatic awareness, inner child work, emotional movement work, transpersonal psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The result is natural, easy to learn and apply techniques that are intuitive, spontaneous and suited to the individual using them. The techniques are powerful and can be used to quickly and effectively increase skill, transform consciousness, support acceptance and the expression and movement of emotion, and heal the whole being. Process Coaching supports the whole being spiritually and ethically, and fosters emotional movement, the right use of will and personal freedom.

These attitudes, states and tools are also useful in developing and deepening spiritual and psychic awareness and a deeper understanding of one's true identity and purpose. The Wholeness Tools can be learned and practiced by anyone - even without a coach or therapist. The Process Coach uses the opportunity of the coaching session to teach clients how to use the tools on their own.

The Unconscious Realm

Process Coaching synthesizes practical applications of these disciplines and new holistic and spiritually sensitive techniques with the greatest gift of the old hypnosis - direct access to the unconscious mind. Also known as the dreaming mind or inner mind, and far more knowledgeable and powerful than the conscious mind, the unconscious mind handles the responsibility of keeping the body running well, has memory of every event we've ever experienced, is the source of our emotions, and our connection with spirit. In short, it is the single most significant factor in our lives.

The conscious being is a small part of the whole being, which remains largely unconscious - until consciousness begins an exploration of Self. At a deep unconscious level we generate and assemble the people and events that make up our reality. By using the conscious mind to access and work with the deeper mind we can learn the lessons of our experiences, gain new courage, heal the wounds we've suffered, and set a more satisfying course for our lives.

Unlike the old hypnosis which advocated power over the unconscious, the approach of Process Coaching, like the New Hypnosis, is to understand the unconscious as ally and friend. Communication and cooperation between the conscious and unconscious are vital to wholeness and are encouraged and fostered. The journey is one of discovery and relationship, the conscious mind getting to know and respect the unconscious.

Healing from Guilt

Guilt has been a tremendous problem in working with emotional issues and successfully doing process work. Guilt is much more pervasive than most of us have been willing to admit. Mental constructs that are held in emotions by judgments... guilt, shame and blame are toxic substances that infect feelings and make it hard for them to express and move. Process Coaching offers an easy and quick way to release judgments and healing from guilt.


In the deep layers of our being is a place of timelessness. Here past and future merge with an awesome, all encompassing present moment where all is one. To the deep mind, everything happens 'now,' as the oneness of the present touches all other events. Conscious awareness of this sense of eternal reality seems somehow stronger and more real than the surface world of linear time and separate beings.

Process Coaching offers increased access to this territory of mystical awareness long sought by spiritual seekers. Through this contact with the parts of the Self in the unconscious, we can heal present difficulties that were caused by traumas in the past... from early childhood, including birth and pre-natal experiences, as well as past lives.

Regression processes bring the loving, resourceful inner healer to the time and place of the original trauma, most often in the deep transpersonal realm. Here, issues of hurt, anger, fear, guilt and shame can be healed using inner resources not available at the time of the trauma.

With deep inner access to both past and future, new possibilities for healing emerge. Parts of the self that are more developed and evolved can be called on for assistance. Communication and cooperation with a resourceful inner parent can generate unexpected resources, inspiration, advice & guidance.

Inner Dialogue

Important changes in personality can be made using techniques of inner dialogue to communicate directly with subpersonalities and other 'parts' of the self. Anything you think, feel or do that is not something you are trying to do - is under the control of a 'part' of the self that is not presently conscious, and therefore unconscious. Process Coaching takes a communicative and cooperative attitude toward all parts of the self. They cannot be made to go away, and if we try to put them out of consciousness their behaviors continue and often intensify.

Healing includes finding acceptance, love and understanding for the part responsible for unwanted behavior and helping it resolve its issue. The part itself is involved in the process of finding appropriate new behaviors to replace the old. With the part's cooperation we can reprogram the behavior that would otherwise keep us entrenched in an undesirable habit.

If the conscious mind is uncertain of what course to take in a time of decision, this uncertainty can be resolved by communicating with an inner guide or advisor. As a part of the self representing the intuition or other wiser and more knowledgeable aspects of the whole being, the guide can help get clarity on difficult issues.

Psychic Awareness

Through the practices like Running Energy the chakras (centers of subtle energy in the body) can be balanced and strengthened, the aura cleansed, and unwanted 'cords' that keep us inappropriately connected to others can be removed. These practices help develop psychic awareness and engender a state of health and well-being.

Many have become stuck in their personal evolution because the part responsible for the block was actually not a part of the person. Until recently, there hadn't been an effective way of healing this kind of issue. An important and very potent tool of Process Coaching enables a practitioner to help clients release spirits, entities and essences of others that have become attached to their psyche.

Somatic Awareness

An inner trace state is used to focus awareness on the physical sensations surrounding both physical and emotional trauma. A pattern of moving awareness between areas of resourcefulness and areas of trauma integrates and heals the injured parts and releases the trauma from the body. The shock state is healed and reenactments of the original trauma cease.

Caring for the Self

The most important aspect of Process Coaching work is the emphasis on self-care. Since we are each responsible for our choices and our own health, it follows that we can help ourselves by learning to do whatever is necessary to successfully process our life changes and rebalance our energy. An important aspect of this work is in developing and nurturing a resourceful, responsible inner healer that is willing and able to act as a loving and caring parent toward the pained and traumatized parts that need help in healing.

Personal empowerment is essential to healing and wholeness. It seems no longer appropriate for us to try turn our own healing over to another - as we would our car to a mechanic. Process Coaching honors the client's need to direct their own process and learn to use the techniques on their own. The tools enable the client, working alone or with a Process Coach, to bring their unique life experience and wisdom to the healing session.

Once a technique is learned, it can be used whenever you choose. Process Coaching techniques are becoming the tools of choice for those ready and willing to take the responsibility to generate their own deep and lasting transformation. Personal change can be quite difficult. Having reliable tools that work makes all the difference.