Regression to the Transpersonal Realm

This process enables you to follow the chain of reenactments of the first trauma in any imprint—all the way back to its inception at the original cause of the imprint. Before beginning, get in touch with 'the Folks' as outlined here. You will be using their guidance, so follow your intuition. And this outline can be used as a general guide to help inform your intution. Read it over beforehand, and then you can refer to it during the process, if needed.  

1. Experience a feeling that is other than 'okay' or 'good.'

2. Locate the feeling in your body.

3. Feeling into the feeling and looking into it, imagine that a child you once were is feeling this feeling. Allow an image of the child to appear in your mind's eye.

4. Imagine that the child is like a character in a movie, and you are the director. Determine the approximate age and the location (indoors/outdoors) of the child.

5. With your loving, resourceful healer self as the director, stop action—and walk onto the set and be there with the child. Bring the Folks along with you.

6. Get close to the child and read the child's feelings. Feel what the child is feeling, and locate the feeling(s) in your own, grownup body.

7. Holding on to these feelings now, imagine a light colored blank screen. While feeling the feelings and gazing at the blank screen, ask the Folks to help your unconscious mind follow the feelings back to the scene of the original trauma. You can say to yourself, "My deep unconscious memory has record of everything that's ever happened in Creation. The unconscious mind follows these feelings back to where they were first experienced in the transpersonal realm."

8. When something appears on the screen, become the director of the movie and do whatever is necessary to make the image more clear and understandable. (Pull the camera back, more light, better focus, etc.)

9. Ask the Folks, "What can you tell me about this part of the Mother and what she has been experiencing?" And feel-listen for their response.

10. When you have an understanding about what happened when this transpersonal part of the Feminine was hurt, ask the Folks, "What do you suggest I do here by way of healing?" Feel-listen to their response, and do what is suggested. As Observer, you will see the hurt part of the Universal Feminine and the denied part of Spirit that has been hurting her.

11. As the director/Healer, stop action and step onto the scene bringing the Folks with you. Now return to Observer position and see yourself and the Folks there with the hurt part of the Universal Feminine (the victim) and the denied part of Spirit that has been hurting her (the perpetrator).

12. Go into the position of loving Spirit (the Folks) and do or say whatever you are moved to. Loving Spirit will first want to redeem the part of himself that he had denied long ago, the unloving spirit that has been perpetrating on the Feminine. As loving Spirit he has been unconscious to what this denied part of himself has been doing to the Feminine outside of his awareness. Ho'oponopono has been a favorite way for Spirit to take responsibility and redeem this part of himself. As loving Spirit you will redeem the part of yourself you had denied by bringing it back into yourself.

13. When you as Spirit are whole, turn toward the part of the Feminine that has been hurt. Be there with acceptance and appreciation for this part, and of course do not push in any way. As Spirit you will probably be moved to apologize about the role of your denial in causing her pain, and want to feel into and acknowledge her pain.

14. As loving Spirit, again do the Ho'oponopono practice, this time with the hurting part of the Feminine. And say or do whatever else you are moved to, so that the Feminine is at least beginning to receive you and your love.

15. Return to Observer position, and continue inner dialogue with the Folks until it's clear that you have done all you can at this time for the part. (For instance, you can ask, "Folks, is there anything else we can do here now by way of healing?") When done, thank the Folks for their help.

16. Before finishing, go into the position of the healing part of the Feminine. As the healing part, feel the love that is now here for you. Soak it in. Take your time and when ready, return to Observer.

17. Now go into your own body as the human-level Healer on the scene. Here you can give the healing part and the Folks a big hug, bringing all of this into yourself, one whole Being.

18. Come forward in time to the inner child you first discovered and notice how the child is doing now. Find out from the child what kind of intervention, if any, you as the director can make on their behalf, and do so. Or simply hold the child close to you and allow the child to feel your love, strength and acceptance.

19. By first going through Observer, move into the position of the child (go into the child's body) and experience how it feels to have someone who really knows you... being here for you with love and acceptance, and the kind of strength and resources capable of bringing real help. Feel what it's like to loved for who you are, just the way you are.

20. Return once more to Observer, and then back into yourself as the Healer. Look into the face of the child and see their beauty, innocence and greatness. Hold the child close, so close that you absorb them into yourself, the Healer.

21. Return with the child and the healing part of the Universal Feminine inside of you, one whole Being.