'Who Am I Now?' Practice

Repeating this simple practice often will help you develop yourself as a stronger, quicker to recover and more flexible Explorer/Healer. Here are the steps:

1.  Whenever you can, remember to ask yourself, "Who am I now?"

2.  When you ask this question, notice that you are invoking a curious observer in yourself.

3.  Now notice if you are doing something in the moment (besides asking the question), e.g. driving a car, opening a door, reading an email, taking a shower, etc.

4.  If you're doing something, answer by saying, "I am the one who is (doing whatever you are doing). And then love yourself for doing it the way you're doing it. (Pause for two or three beats.)

5.  Whether you answered with #4 or not, notice that at least you are breathing.

6.  Ask yourself, "Who is breathing?"

7.  Answer by saying, "I am the one who is breathing... I am Body."

8.  End with clenching and relaxing your toes and sphincter, drop into the first chakra and repeat, "I am Body."

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